Feng Shui– Is it bad luck to have bed in front of a bookshelf?

I’m trying to rearrange my room. I try my best to follow Feng Shui. I was wondering if it’s bad luck to have your bed facing straight (directly) to a bookshelf, or if it’s okay. The bookshelf would be at the end side of the bed. There would be about 1.5 feet of space between them if I rearrange it that way. Would it be bad luck?
Please help me out (: Thanks!

no, it’s ok… just avoid the door or a mirror above the bed.

5 thoughts on “Feng Shui– Is it bad luck to have bed in front of a bookshelf?

  1. Kthxbye

    Nope, it wouldn’t be bad or good luck. It’s crap, and only the fearfully superstitious give it any attention. Arrange your room to suit your tastes, not some ridiculous superstition.
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  2. knowell

    it would be ,if it falls.
    don’t keep the bookshelf straight to your bed, keep it in sideways because of psychological factors.
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  3. persephones_mind

    No. And in Feng Shui, the way one arranges their home is supposed to only give a more positive energy, and sense of calm. Like if one has a very disorganized home, with a lot of things cluttering the way, would make the occupants feel agitated, uneasy, or claustrophobic. So, no. There is no bad luck involved. Just depends on how you view it and feel afterward.
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